Are You Trading Dollars for Hours or Knowledge for Dollars?

Let the Instructors' Network help you make your vision come true.

Have you honed your skills to the point that you want to share, encourage, train and/or build a community of like minded individuals (think of Seth Grodin’s “Tribes”)?

The purpose of the Instructors’ Network is to bring Instructors and students together.  

The Instructors’ Network is just beginning this adventure.  We hope you will join us in creating a community of Instructors.  As we grow we’ll be adding classes and workshops, a speakers bureau, and opportunities to blog, vlog, and get your story out.

Please join us!

Click on the link below to be added to the Network.

Instructors’ Network is a  “G” rated site.  Please see the use policy before signing up.  By signing up, you are agreeing to  abide by the rules!

To sign up, you’ll be asked to join our mailing list.  After you’ve been approved, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your personal page.

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