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The Instructors’ Network is a free service  for students and instructors to find each other. Subscribe to the newsletter to keep informed and updated.

We are just getting this site up and running. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Instructors’ Network, just sign up for the newsletter.  When everything is ready to go, so will you.  We’ll let you know when your listing is online.


Benefits to subscribers of the Instructors’ Network include; free listing in the directory, opportunities to blog, vlog and sell your products and services.  There will also be a Speakers Listing and free resources for members of the Network.  

Each listing includes your; Business Name, your name, city, state and country, your webaddress, facebook and other social media sites, plus a photo, and the specialities you teach.

So if any of these things appeal to you, sign up today.  You’ll be notified when your listing has been added to the site.

Only legal and g-rated services will be allowed on the site!  Membership is based upon review of your online presence.